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Our bees are island raised and bred and inspected by the BC Ministry of Agriculture. They are VHS (Varoa Sensitive Hygiene), which we find makes a huge difference in fall mite loads.

All of our queens, nucs and hives are from ‘Survivor Stock’ and contain domestic queens that were re-queened in the Fall of 2017.





Our Hives come complete with 9-10 frames and consist of a laying survivor queen and bees:

  • 9-10 Frames of Brood, Hatching Brood, Pollen and Honey Mix
  • Commercial Bottom and Inner Cover
  • Wax Dipped ‘Lewis’ Standard Super

All frames are plastic ‘Acorn’ or wood with plastic, completely drawn.


Cost $350

Our Nucs come with 4 frames, a laying queen and bees:

  • 2 Frames of Brood & Hatching Brood
  • 1 Frame of Honey
  • 1 Frame of Honey & Pollen
  • 1 Wooden Nuc box with lid

All frames are 2 seasons old or newer, completely drawn plastic ‘Acorn’ frames. Wooden frames with foundation can be provided upon request.


Cost $190

5-Frame Nucs are available upon request for an additional cost.

Our Honey is fine filtered, unpasteurized and pure uncut.

We are SOLD OUT for this season due to a large donation we were pleased to make to the Victoria Children Choir Fundraising this year.

Please check back next year!



Our domestic queens are reared locally in our Vancouver Island yards. We select primarily for VSH traits and secondarily for winter survival.

We are currently working on F5 of our breeding stock and may have queens available to the public this year. We are proud to contribute to the UBC Queen Program.


All of our queens are Italian/Carnolian  VSH originating from Olivarez Apiaries. Generally, we have queens available locally from March to September annually.

Cost $40-50 depending on USD/CAD exchange rate

Equipment SALES


‘Lewis’ Solid Wood Standard Supers – Deep: Cost $17.00

‘Acorn’ One-Piece Plastic Frames: Cost $ 2.50




We currently have an assortment of used hive equipment for very reasonable prices for all the beekeepers either new or looking to expand. Please contact us for details and to let us know what you’re looking for!


For Information, Pricing, Shipping or to Place an Order please email us at: